We bet there’s been a few boats gathering dust in driveways at baches during this Auckland lockdown. But the lockdown is finally over, the days are getting warmer and summer is finally here.

It’s time to get your boat on the trailer and get out there on the water to enjoy a little sunshine and freedom. But before you do, here are a few simple things you can do to check your boat’s safe and get it ready for action. 

Charge your batteries

If you’re not using your boat, your batteries will slowly drain over time until they’re empty. To avoid this, it’s always best to either charge your battery to full every 30 days or so when not in use, or to attach a smart C-TEK charger that will constantly maintain your batteries. 

Before you take your boat out it’s also a good idea to test them and charge them. 

Check fluid levels

Check all your fluid levels before you go out. That includes, but is not limited to: engine oil, power steering, and of course - petrol. You should also check that there’s no oil in the bilge or leaks throughout the vessel. 

Test electrics

The last thing you want is to get out in the middle of the ocean and find that your radio, GPS and lights aren’t working. To make sure that doesn’t happen, simply test all your electrics before you go out by turning them on, using them and turning them off. Simple as.

Run your engine 

There are few things more awkward than launching your vessel, drifting off and slowly realising that the engine won’t start. Avoid that by running your engine on the tap for a while before you go out to make sure it starts and runs without any alarms going off in the cabin. 

Trim the stern drive

Work the stern drive up and down a few times  to make sure that it hasn’t seized. 

Double check your safety gear

Checking your safety gear is the most important part of any pre-departure to-do list. Start by checking you have enough life jackets and that they are in good condition and that all your communication devices are working. Next, check your anchor is connected and that your winch is in working order.

Take a look at your trailer

Before you head away for the summer, it’s worth taking a look at your trailer to ensure it’s safe to use. Check tyre pressure, brakes, winch ropes and electric winches and if your trailer hasn’t been serviced in over a year, book it into Rayglass and we’ll sort it for you. 

If you’re in doubt stay out

If you’re not sure your boat’s in the right condition to be out on the water, don’t risk it - just stay home until you’re sure the problem’s fixed. It’s not worth risking your boat or your safety. 

And if you need a hand or a word of advice on anything to do with your Rayglass vessel, feel free to call our service team any time. We love talking boating and we’re always happy to help. 

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