Sequor are Rayglass’s chosen trailer supplier. They’re a local company with a factory just down the road from us in Mt Wellington, and the trailers they produce are outstanding – built to last from the toughest New Zealand and Australian steel.

If you take care of your trailer it’ll keep going for decades. So, courtesy of Trent the Manager at Sequor, here are a few expert tips to help extend the life of yours.

Washing your trailer down

Your trailer needs a wash after every use. You should also make sure you rinse it after your boat so that salt water doesn’t run onto it after you’ve washed it.

While most boaties do that, few wash their trailers after launching. In many cases it’ll sit at the boat ramp or on the beach caked in salt water for a day or longer, giving rust a foothold. To stop that from happening simply pop a tanker (or large bottle) of water in your towing vehicle and give the trailer a quick rinse after launching, paying special attention to the joins and moving parts.

Taking a little time to maintain your trailer could extend its life by years. 

During the off-season

An unused trailer will fall into disrepair much faster than one that’s at the boat ramp every day. To make sure yours stays spick and span during the off season, tow it around the block once a week to get everything moving.

It’s also a good idea to grab a bearing buddy to keep the bearings in your wheels in good condition. This little gadget makes it easier to grease your bearings more frequently between services, which will keep them going for longer.

Upgrading your lighting

If your trailer doesn’t have LED lighting it’s time to upgrade. Non-LED solutions are prone to water damage and corrosion, while LEDs can last for decades without maintenance or replacement. That’s why all Sequor trailers only use LED lighting.

Rinsing your trailer after launching makes a big difference. 

Proper servicing

There are few things more important for your trailer than regular servicing by an expert – at least once a year. The team at Rayglass have an excellent servicing team at their Mt Wellington Headquarters, as well as a mobile servicing team who can come to you or your boat if you’d prefer.

If your trailer or boat needs a service, or you’ve got any questions at all about your gear, give the team here at Rayglass a call – we’ve got you covered.

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