We asked you what the perfect, multi-purpose Rayglass would look like and we listened. Then we designed the ultimate weekend cruiser that can do everything, and take you anywhere. It's just as suited to serious game fishing and overnighting, as to cruising and entertaining the family - plus it's towable from home to coastlines and inland waterways.

Here’s what you can expect from the ultimate multi-purpose vessel - the Rayglass 3000.

Three different configurations to suit every boater

1. Diesel sterndrive - for long-range efficiency and extra space

The Mercury 4.2L 350hp diesel engine sits comfortably in a watertight, soundproofed engine bay, and is ideal for long-range cruising, offering unbeatable fuel efficiency for a boat of this size. You’ll get an expansive duckboard space, perfect for diving, fishing and swimming. 

The extra space means you’ve got the option to include a dinghy at the stern, plus 2 x 70 litre removable chilly bins (a beautiful fibreglass moulded chilly bin on the back of the engine box and one icey-tek under the central D-rail on the duckboard). Adding corner rails to this space transforms it into a great fishing platform. 

(On right in image below)

2. Twin outboards - for the ultimate performance

If you prioritise performance, this is the setup for you. It’s available with twin Mercury 200hp V6 engines, up to Twin Mercury 300hp V8s. 

Each horsepower option provides rapid throttle response and the ultimate thrill and handling when you open it up, while providing excellent fuel economy at cruise speeds. This is the perfect setup for boaters who want to integrate high-tech options like joystick piloting and Skyhook digital anchoring. You’ll still get a quarter transom platform, which provides great access for boarding from the dock and water - plus space to walk around in front of engines when they're trimmed down. 

(middle in above image)

3. Single outboard - for performance and practicality

A single outboard gives you the best of both worlds. Efficient boating, extra space at stern, and less engine maintenance required compared to the twin outboard and diesel sterndrive option. 

Thanks to the all-new Mercury 400hp V10 outboard, a single outboard is an option for the 3000. With the large 4 bladed prop and heavy duty gearbox, the Mercury 400hp V10 pushes the 3000 along beautifully in whisper quiet fashion. You’ll get a half transom platform, with extra space and more room to walk around. You can also opt to add removable corner rails (much like the inboard diesel option) to turn the half platform into a serious fishing area either side of the engine.

(On left in above image)

What you can expect from the Rayglass 3000

Superior ride quality 

Rayglass vessels are known for their superior ride quality in all conditions with its 24 degree deadrise and large turned down chines. The Rayglass 3000 is true to that pedigree, with new adjustments made to further improve the ride and handling.

  • It’s got the same underwater profile as the 2800 but in the bow of the boat we’ve added 300mm of height, width and length. 
  • That extra volume in the bow gives the vessel more freeboard resulting in improved buoyancy in the bow when cruising, meaning the chines will be working harder to deflect more water.
  • We’ve also managed to include more bow flair, which provides lift making it easier to get on the plane and increase stability. 

Because of the extra volume and bow flair we were able to flatten the foredeck area to provide more usable space for easier access, a bow thruster and/or an optional sunlounger. This makes it easier to walk right around the bow. Not to mention a more spacious cabin underneath.

The perfect fishing setup 

The Rayglass 3000 was designed from scratch to be the ultimate fishing vessel. It’s packed with features and specs that make it easier to go further, catch more and fish better:

  • Instead of the engine box seat squabs, you can choose to fit a removable fibreglass fishing station with 2 x large pullout tackle draws, a large flat working surface, knife and Ikigun holders, cup holders, 3 x rod holders and plumbed in drainage. 
  • Optional swinger game poles with options for 15 foot game poles or 19 foot carbon fibre game poles. 
  • Optional D rails turn the transom into another fishing platform. 
  • Double rocket launchers
  • Dive cylinder racks
  • Electric reel outlets
  • Integrated tuna tubes in stainless steel. 
  • 1kw transducers - up to two. 
  • A Simrad Halo radar
  • A fully plumbed live bait tank on all three configurations. 
  • Hidden and lockable lockers, on both port and starboard sides with the option to fit up to four rods or three dive cylinders.
  • An optional Seakeeper gyro stabiliser, that can eliminate up to 95% of boat roll. 
  • Zipwake automatic trim tabs (standard)

We already have 3000 clients fishing everywhere from Milford Sound to Whangarei, chasing everything from big game fish, snapper and trout on Lake Taupo.

Cruising features for comfortable luxury

The 3000 may be the ultimate fishing machine, but we designed this vessel to be truly multi-purpose. That means it’s also packed with features and specs that make it perfect for cruising, entertaining and spending time with family:

  • A huge amount of deck and cabin space - bring the whole family.
  • A spacious, plush cabin seriously comfortable for extended trips away.
  • A large hardtop sunroof for those perfect days out on the water allowing natural light and airflow throughout the cabin.
  • Dual sliding side windows in the hardtop cabin.
  • A fully appointed galley with 50L electric fridge, hot and cold fresh water, sink and tapware, plus a twin hob gas cooker and ample storage.
  • Full facilities for Weber Baby Q barbeque, perfect for frying up your catch.
  • Luxury helm seats with flip up bolsters, arm rests and soft rider pedestal suspension.
  • A separate toilet compartment that’s much larger than the one in both the 2800 and 2500, plus a hot and cold shower on the transom.
  • An optional, removable sunlounger on the bow. Perfect for hiding from the kids, sunbathing, afternoon naps or the perfect place to stretch out and read a book.
  • Foldout cockpit seats and fibreglass cockpit table. With these seats folded out you can comfortably sit 6-8 around the central cockpit table. Add the cockpit sunshade on a hot day and you have the perfect set up.
  • The option to fit a dinghy on the transom with davits (for inboard models).
  • A large rubbish bin when the live bait tanks aren’t being used.
  • Bow thruster (optional).
  • Walkthrough access to transom on both port and starboard sides.
  • Improved deck drainage with wateright engine bay and bilge area.
  • A huge amount of storage throughout the vessel, including galley, cockpit and under seats and under floor.
  • Flat panel glass windscreen providing a full sweep of the wipers, allowing for unmatched visibility in rough or raining conditions.

The freedom to go anywhere

Most vessels with the capabilities and long spec sheets of the 3000 need to be permanently docked. But the Rayglass 3000 is able to be towed from home to any coastline or lake, anywhere - giving boaters the ultimate freedom. 

You’re not fixed to one location and you’ve got the full set up so you can do whatever you want - relax, overnight, explore, entertain family and friends or go out deep and do some serious fishing. That’s what the 3000 is all about. 

Arrange a private tour or sea trial 

If you would like to request more information, enjoy a private tour or request a sea trial of the Rayglass 3000 get in touch with Matthew Flannagan at Rayglass today. 


[email protected]

M: +64 21 909 335

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