Ownaship, NZ’s number one boat share management company, has taken delivery of their 11th Rayglass 3500. This comes amidst growing demand for the 3500 among boaties and after more than 13 years of collaboration between Rayglass and Ownaship. 

We chatted to Ownaship CEO Simon Barker to chat about how boat sharing works and why the flagship Rayglass 3500 has proven so popular.

How does Ownaship work?

Ownaship is a syndication or boat share company that allows boaties to own and use a luxury vessel at a fraction of the cost. Customers simply purchase a 1/6 share of the vessel, which entitles them to 57 days of use. The owners also share all the costs associated with owning a boat, including marina fees, insurance, maintenance, servicing and cleaning. 

Better yet, Ownaship also provide true walk-on-walk-off management of the vessels:

“We valet and clean each vessel after use and we handle all maintenance. A bit like a serviced apartment,” Simon said.

Walk-on-walk-off boating

In practice, the Ownaship model means that all you have to worry about is getting out on the water and enjoying yourself:

“Once our customers book they don’t let anything get in the way, a bit like when you book a holiday. When you’ve got your own boat, often something will come up and you’ll postpone again and again.”

“Because of that and because it’s so easy and cost effective, around 87% of our customers do more boating than your average boat owner.”

The ease of use makes this type of boat ownership perfect for people who are new to boating, removing most of the cost and all of the stress while they learn:

“Around 15% of customers are new to boating so we make it easy for them. There’s 24/7 support while you’re out on the boat and training courses tailored to each individual to make sure they’re safe.”

Scott Little, Rayglass Sales Director

Scott Little, Rayglass Sales Director

11 3500s delivered 

Ownaship is growing fast with over 32 boats and 210 shareholders. They offer shares in several vessels but their most popular is the Rayglass 3500:

“It’s a strong NZ brand, built for quality and designed for how Kiwis use their boats. Plus it’s a great size for a young family or an older couple - not too big so it’s easy to manage.”

That explains why Ownaship has 11 3500s in their fleet. Scott Little, Rayglass Sales Director adds that partnering with Ownaship just makes sense:

"We are so proud of our relationship with Simon and the team from Ownaship and  value the support of all the 3500 owners. They've got a great concept - this is a brilliant way to make boating more accessible."


Keen to take a look at the 3500? Visit the Rayglass website here or enquire about a boat share with Ownaship here.

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