In 2017 Rayglass launched the 3500, a sedan cruiser designed to deliver everything a Kiwi boaty could possibly want. It features the build quality and capability Rayglass are known for, along with high end luxury, perfect for comfortable overnighting.

Fast forward to July 2022 and we’ve just delivered our 50th 3500, named Eden, to a proud boat-loving family in Sandspit. Scott Little, Rayglass Sales Director, was there when the idea for the 3500 was first floated and has been instrumental in most of the first 50 sales. 

So today we sat down and had a chat with Scott about the last five years selling this incomparable vessel.

Building a beach house on the sea

Around 2014/15 Rayglass started to get several requests for a larger vessel with several luxury features. Scott says that’s when the idea for the 3500 came up:

“The concept behind the boat came from clients who had Rayglass Boats wanting to go up from a smaller boat. It needed to be bigger but still able to be dry stacked and fit into a 12m marina.

“Our customers wanted to be able to go away for weeks on end in complete comfort, while still enjoying that Rayglass pedigree - a solid hull, a smooth ride, high performance.”

Despite the luxury and performance of the the vessel, Scott reckons it’s the fact it’s built with Kiwis in mind that’s made it so popular:

“The 3500 was made for Kiwis by Kiwis. It was built for the way that Kiwis like to go boating, with indoor-outdoor flow, a separate galley and all the amenities you could need for a long trip.”

Scott’s not kidding - the 3500 is loaded with luxuries including a fridge, full galley, barbecue, wrap around seating, open bar, full head height shower and enough room to comfortably sleep up 4-6 people. 

The engine’s also extremely efficient giving the vessel huge range for exploring far flung locations, like the Bay of Islands and Great Barrier. If you’d like to extend your boating season, the vessel even includes an optional diesel heater to keep you toasty and warm. 

From zero to 50 in five years

The design team at Rayglass must have gotten something right, because from day one the 3500 was hugely popular:

“Really the success of this vessel is thanks to our customers. They gave us great feedback, we acted on it and the 3500 is the result. What we ended up with is the boat I’d really want to buy after all my years of boating”

Scott’s been heavily involved from day one, forming close relationships with the vessel and the people who helped build it. Most important of all he says was Tony Hembrow:

“Rayglass’ founder was the architect of the 3500 and really was the key driver behind the development and build of the vessel.”

Because of the vessel’s undeniable appeal and Scott’s efforts Rayglass have sold 50 in five years with a solid pipeline of future orders. And while the vessel is something remarkable, Scott adds that when you own a 3500, you become part of an iconic Kiwi brand.

“We’re building more than boats here. We’re building an experience for our customers and welcoming them to the Rayglass family for life.”

Want to find out more about the Rayglass 3500? Check out the vessel here.


Rayglass 3500 fit out team

Rayglass 3500 fit out team

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