Rayglass is a name that’s known in New Zealand and worldwide for quality, innovation and tough luxury. That reputation has created huge demand for Rayglass Boats all over the world, and now we need more staff to increase our production capacity.

Could you or someone you know be Rayglass's newest team member?

Roles currently hiring

This is a great opportunity for someone who wants to enter the marine industry, take the next step, or to try their hand at something new. Many of our mechanics come from the automotive industry, as marine roles offer much more variety with more growth opportunities (particularly at Rayglass).

We are currently hiring for six roles:

  • Parts coordinator.
  • Boat builder fitout.
  • Marine technician.
  • Fibreglass laminator.
  • Fibreglass boat assembler.
  • Windscreen installer.

If you or someone you know may be interested in working for Rayglass, please get in touch with us.

Rayglass careers

If you want a career in the marine industry in New Zealand, Rayglass is the best place to start or step up. We are the leading boat brand in the country, because we value our people and help them to grow as the company does.

That explains why our parent company, Brunswick Marine, has recently been named on the Forbes Best Large Employer list for two years running.

A position at Rayglass means plenty of chances for progression, training and development, as well as a great working environment. Jason Jellie is proof of that - he walked in the door 10 years ago, got a job as a chopper gun operator and quickly progressed.

He’s now a lamination supervisor and has completed a management and leadership qualification, among others:

“I had drive and didn’t want to stay in the same place - Rayglass recognised that and made it easy for me to progress,” Jason said.

Because we value our people, they tend to stick around. Paul Martin, the legend who handcrafts all our boat moulds, has been here for over two decades and counting:

“I’ve been here for 21 years so I obviously like it! The guys at Rayglass are great and I feel a lot of pride when I see a finished product, that’s what keeps me going. I really enjoy what I do.”

Build a career at Rayglass

Rayglass offers plenty of chances for progression and training, but most importantly, we promise a fun, engaging and challenging work environment. Rayglass CEO, Dave Larsen, reckons that's the most important thing after all:

“We’re all about doing great work and producing a world-beating product. But it’s even more important that we’re all enjoying what we do and feeling passionate about our work.”

“That’s what we promise you if you start or continue your career at Rayglass.”

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