Most of Rayglass’s clients have at least one thing in common (besides a passion for boating). They want the best of the best.

And that’s exactly what one of our American clients recently got when they commissioned their second custom Protector 380 Targa through our USA dealer Andrew Carlton at Any Water Yachts. 

This is Lizzie, a highly spec’d & hugely powerful vessel built for serious, any-water fun.

Meet Lizzie

Our client lives between two homes - one in Maryland on the Eastern shore of Chesapeake Bay and another in the balmy shores of Miami Beach. 

They wanted their new vessel to be capable and powerful enough to go out in almost any weather, while still being comfortable and safe. It made complete sense to choose the flagship of our Protector Targa range, the 380. 

The Protector 380 Targa is an extremely high speed and capable adventure vessel favoured by the world’s most demanding users such as the NZ Coast Guard, The America’s Cup, law enforcement and superyacht owners. But it’s also luxurious, with a spacious cabin, impressive passenger comforts and a massive 9.5’ internal beam. 

Yellow for fun

For Lizzie’s owners, boating is all about family fun and cruising. The spacious deck and comfortable cabin in the Protector 380 Targa are perfect for this but a few modifications were necessary as well. 

The first was to change the colour of the tubes to a cheerful bright yellow to express all the fun they have on the water together. Next, we fitted two impressive 450 hp outboard engines, giving Lizzie more power than a Lamborghini Aventador S (270 hp more to be exact). The sides of the engines featured the same yellow stripe feature to tie the look together. 

We can only imagine how much fun our client’s family and friends are going to have cruising in Miami’s warm waters and speeding through the winding estuaries of Chesapeake Bay. 

Commission your own dream boat

There’s a reason Lizzie’s owner is now onto his second custom Rayglass Protector. Driving one of these is the most fun you can have on the water and there are few vessels that can match them in capability, speed and comfort. 

Get in touch with the Rayglass team to talk about commissioning your own dream vessel. 

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