We thought 2020 was a crazy year and then along came 2021. After the last 12 months the Rayglass team are looking forward to putting our feet up, soaking in the sunshine and spending several long days out on the water. We’re sure you are too. 

Despite everything going on here in New Zealand Rayglass still managed to have a massive year with several big projects on the go. To provide a little light beachside reading we thought we’d have a quick look back on everything that we’ve been up to in 2021.

America’s Cup/Coastguard refit

Since March this year our refit team led by Tim Tsoumas has been working hard to complete the refit of 26 Rayglass Protectors that were used as America’s Cup vessels. Every vessel will be repurposed with search and rescue technology and gear then distributed to Coastguard NZ outposts around New Zealand.

Tim says the guys have been pulling long days to get the job done:

“Every boat requires between 220 to 300 hours of labour.”

“It certainly is a big job and can be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. But we’re all into it and it’s such an exciting project to be a part of.”

One of the most impressive vessels of the 26 is heading off to Dunedin. This beast is 12.5 metres long and features a high tech infrared camera that essentially provided the crew night vision when on search and rescue missions. 

Want to read more? Check out our logbook article on batch three of the refit.

First ever Rayglass inhouse boat show

We’ve always loved attending boat shows around New Zealand and meeting boaties from all over the country. But we wanted to provide boating enthusiasts with the ultimate Rayglass experience - so we planned the Rayglass inhouse boat show in 2020.

COVID-19 got in the way of that but in 2021 we managed to pull it off. We had a huge display featuring the flagship 3500 sedan cruiser, the full range of 2021 Rayglass Legend and Protector boats and a half restored/half original Legend showing off what our restoration team can do. 

We also had special guests Simrad and Ecostore, and of course - The America’s Cup on display right here in our showroom. We welcomed hundreds of guests over four days and had an amazing time getting to know everyone that came along. 

If you attended - thank you and we’re looking forward to seeing you again next year. 

Rayglass virtual boat show 2021

For the second year in a row we 3D mapped our entire Legend range of vessels, select Protectors and our manufacturing facility. This gave boaties the chance to tour our vessels and see behind the scenes from the comfort of their own homes (which was a good thing since we spent months in lockdown this year).

This is New Zealand’s largest virtual boat show and a unique way to view Rayglass’s vessels. Click here to experience the virtual boat show now.

Time to put our feet up

After the year we’ve all had here in New Zealand I think we’ve all earnt an extended break. So wherever you are in New Zealand the Rayglass team would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - may the fish be plenty and the weather be fine!

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