The talented Rayglass Premium Restoration department recently did something a little unique. They refurbished half of a 2010 Rayglass Legend 2500 and left the other half in its original condition.

Discover the story behind the half and half renovation and find out about the process behind the result.

Legend 2500 'Pride' - 50/50 renovation

Months before the Rayglass In-House Boat Show, the team were brainstorming about how they could show off what the service team could do on the day. Tony Yurjevic, Rayglass’s service manager came up with the idea of refurbishing half of a vessel. The idea was that it’d act like a before-and-after to show people how much of a difference a refurbishment can make to an old boat.

Problem was, the service team didn’t have a boat lying around to use. Tony says it was an easy problem to solve:

“We do refurbishment on a weekly basis so we just had to find a customer who was willing to help. We called a couple of our regulars who are awesome people and offered them a great deal on a full refurbishment for their boat, Pride.”

Refurbishing the boat

At face value, it’s hard to see all the work that our  team put into restoring each boat, but it’s a long process involving several steps. This is the long list of what the restoration department completed on Legend 2500 'Pride'

  • Removing old graphics and domes
  • Cleaning residue and glue from graphics.
  • Remove rocket launcher.
  • Tape up rubbing strip, screen alloy, and stainless steel.
  • Full cut and polish.
  • Buffing trailer guards.
  • Restoring the teak.
  • Restoration the stainless steel
  • Restored the glass on the windscreen.
  • Applying the new style Rayglass graphics.
  • Applying 2 x coats of wax.
  • Applied new upholstery.
  • Valeting the interior.
  • Oiling the teak.

According to the restoration team, refurbishing half a boat wasn’t as difficult as it sounds. They taped right up the middle of the vessel and treated it like a normal refurbishment, being careful not to get too much mess on the other side.

Returning Pride

The plan was to use the boat at the Rayglass In House Boat Show then return it to the owners, the McFarlanes, but a certain global pandemic delayed the show.

After all that uncertainty we decided to hold the boat show online. We 3D mapped Pride and will be showing it alongside Emirates Team NZ’s Protector, Coastguard NZ’s custom protector, the 3500 sedan cruiser and the entire Legend and Protector ranges. Click here to learn more and attend the show!

As soon as we had 3D-mapped the vessel, our service team fixed up the other half and we returned it to its owners, Debbie and Russell, who we’re stoked to hear were absolutely thrilled:

“This is a big shout out to the team at Rayglass. We have just had our boat Pride in for a service and cut, polish and new graphics. Our 10-year-old 2500 looks amazing (like new) and can now wear her name with Pride again. Your service department went beyond the call of duty on Friday … Dave, Scott and Matt  always greet us with a smile and a chat, I'm sure you are very proud of your team. Thanks again - will see you again next year for a service.”

Keen to learn more about what we could do with your old Rayglass? Give the service team a call today to talk about bringing your old boat back to life.

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