Rayglass’s Protector RIBs are amongst the most capable and durable utility vessels in the world. 

That’s why demanding commercial users like NZ Coastguard, Emirates Team NZ, The America’s Cup and the military choose Protectors as their boats of choice. Serious recreational users are also increasingly choosing them because, as well as being capable and versatile, Protector RIBs are a hell of a lot of fun. 


Rayglass Protector vessels are built to be strong, fast, durable and low maintenance. The innovative RIB design and inflatable tubes give these boats the edge over others in three key areas:

  1. Better stability at speed and at rest. 
  2. Added buoyancy.
  3. Improved impact absorption and buffering. 

This gives the Protector a superior ride, making them safer and more capable then their competitors in any conditions. No matter the weather, a Protector will get you home safe. 

The boat’s added stability at rest is another perk, which makes activities like fishing and diving much safer and more comfortable even in rough waters. Instead of pitching and rolling like most hard-side boats do in swell, the Protector stays flat, rising and falling with the waves.


These vessels are built smart, but they’re also built tough. The Rayglass Protector’s structural strength comes from its thick, reinforced hull which makes it unsinkable. In fact, the 380 Chase Protector’s hull is 35 millimeters thick – trust us, no matter what you’re doing out on the water, you’ll have a tough time doing any damage. The weight from that thick hull also helps it cut through the water, giving it excellent handling and stability. 

At first glance, the inflatable tubes may not look as strong or durable as the rest of the boat, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Each tube is made up of seven separate chambers, so that in the unlikely event that you puncture one, you’ve still got six intact and can safely finish your journey. The seven chambers also spread impact evenly throughout the tubes, so that when commercial users come up alongside other vessels, board ships, or tackle rough seas at pace, they won’t rupture.

Because of the way the vessels are built (with commercial users and tight budgets in mind), ongoing maintenance costs are minimal. After the purchase, you’ll spend next to nothing keeping your Protector going.


One of the best things about Protector vessels is that they’re versatile. Whether you’re popping out for a quick fish or conducting a search and rescue mission in dangerous waters, this is the right boat for the job.

Each model has more deck space than you’ll know what to do with, the option to add 2-3 high powered outboards, and comfortable luxury seating. Plus these vessels sit low, making life easier for whoever’s on the end of the net when you’re fishing or retrieving something from the water. 

No one in the world builds RIBS like we do. That’s why Protectors sell all around the globe to the world’s high performance commercial users and most demanding recreational boaties. Ready to join them?

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