At Rayglass, our company and the boats we build are only as good as our people. We have been lucky enough to have fit out supervisor Luke Molloy at Rayglass for the last 14 years. During this time, he’s climbed the ladder from apprentice to fit out supervisor and become a key senior member of the team.


Way back in 2006 when Luke was 16, he loved boating and already knew he wanted to work in the marine industry. So when a post popped up on his local job board advertising an apprenticeship in Rayglass’s lamination facility, he jumped at the chance, interviewed, and got the job. 

From day one, we could tell Luke was sharp and worked hard. So as soon as his apprenticeship in the lamination facility was up, he started an apprenticeship in the fit out facility before being given a full-time position.


Luke’s only ever worked for Rayglass and he’s been here for almost 14 years. 

When we went fishing for compliments and asked him why he’s stuck with us all these years, Luke’s answer was simple:

“Rayglass is just a great company to work for. The work is always consistent but it varies with all the wide variety of models we create so every day is a little different. Everyone gets on and we have a great social crew outside of work hours.

Unsurprisingly, the pay and the chance to advance also played a part in getting Luke to stick around:

“I often got my pay reviewed and it went up pretty nicely. If you work well, this happens every year, which is awesome. Rayglass paid for my management training and I got the chance to advance, going from apprentice to fit out supervisor.”

The quality of the product also played a big part for Luke, knowing that he was helping to produce some of the highest quality vessels in New Zealand and around the world for people who love boating and high end users such as the NZ Coastguard and Emirates Team New Zealand . Having a clean, safe, organised work space helped too:

“The production facility here is really organised. That makes it easy to stay safe and produce high quality work because you know where everything’s at and you’ve got all the tools you need,” Luke said.

Rayglass’s success is thanks entirely to our awesome people: from those on the fitout floor like Luke to our teams in sales, restoration, lamination and servicing. That’s why we’re all about helping good people create long and rewarding careers in the marine industry, whether they’re junior apprentices or seasoned operators. 

Want a career in the marine industry? Get in touch with the team at Rayglass to find out more.

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