You know the feeling. You’ve found the ultimate fishing spot but when you try to come back, it’s vanished off the face of the earth. Luckily, most late model Rayglass vessels have a Simrad fishfinder on board so you’ll never have to experience that frustration again. 

Just remember to set a waypoint and you’ll be able find that same spot next time – easy as. There are also several other functions on your Simrad unit that’ll help you find your way without getting lost, and they’re easy to use once you know about them.


  • The chart function on your Simrad multi-function display (MFD) uses GPS to show your vessel’s location in relation to land, rocks, channels and other chart objects. On the chart panel, you can
    • Plan and navigate routes.
    • Place waypoints to return to.
    • Plan routes between two or more waypoints.
    • Display tracks behind your vessel. 
    • With the right add-on external cartography card, you can also display tides and currents for your region. 

    These features allow you to constantly monitor your position in relation to the surrounding environment so that you can always navigate safely and effectively. 

    While we’re not as clued in as Chris at Simrad (who puts these guides together for us), we know a thing or two about setting waypoints on the Simrad MFDs. If you’re struggling to set yours up or want to get more out of your Simrad unit, give the Rayglass team a call today or drop in to our Mt Wellington showroom.


Waypoints are a great way to save a certain location in your Simrad MFD so that you can always find it in future – whether it’s a fishing spot, a secret beach or the marina. 

  • Create a waypoint at the vessel’s current position.

A waypoint is saved at the vessel’s position if the cursor is not active on the panel by pressing the rotary knob, the mark key or the enter key, then save.

  • Create a waypoint at the cursor’s position

A waypoint is saved at the cursor position if active by pressing the rotary knob, the mark key or the enter key then save.

  • Create a Waypoint from the Waypoint page

Press the Pages/Home button to open the home page then tap on waypoints from the tools column, then under the waypoints tap on new from the bottom left then save.

  • Edit a Waypoint and make your waypoint more useful

You can edit all information about a waypoint from the Edit Waypoint dialog box.

You can use the different colours to indicate hot or cold fishing spots, or you can mark spots with red that have produced great results.Our systems are smart and record times and dates for you.


Chris Liu is the man behind the Rayglass/Simrad MFD guides. He started work at Navico/Simrad as a technical support engineer eight years ago and he still loves every day on the job. He helps Simrad users who ring or email through the support channels make the most of their devices while out on the water. 

Chris is an NMEA certified technician and has completed networking and marine electronic installer and advanced marine electronic installer courses. This year he’s started helping train Kiwi Navico dealers and technicians and is hoping to start doing the same for dealers in Asia in 2020.

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