When you’ve navigated safely through the rocks or found a favourite fishing spot, it’s often easiest to follow the same route when you come back. Once you know how to use it the tracks function on your multi-function-display makes doing this easy. 

Check out our quick guide to make sure you can set tracks next time your out on the water.


Tracks are a graphical representation of the path of your boat in your Simrad MFD’s history. They’re easy to use and can save you a lot of hassle. 

  • Creating a new track from Track page

You can start a new track from the tracks dialog, activated by using the waypoints tool on the home page. The system continues to record the tracks until the length reaches the maximum point, and then automatically begins overwriting the oldest points.

  • Today’s activity track

The Today’s activity track records in the background by default and cannot be deleted. It resets every 24 hours at GMT while the unit is turned off. You can choose not to display it by un-checking the display box. 

  • Colour tracks based on data

A track can be coloured based on the source of data that created it and the high/low limits you set:

  1. Select the colour tracks menu option and then the source option to specify the source (data type) to be coloured. To turn off colouring, select source None.


    2. Select the high and low options to set high and low values (after you specify the source).


  • Finding an object on the chart panel at cursor

When you activate the cursor by tapping the touch screen directly on top of a chart item, basic information of each symbol is displayed.


  • Finding an object on the chart panel by using find on the chart menu

With an appropriate cartography source, like a plug-in chart card, you can find chart objects by using the menu. Just press the menu key or tap on the menu icon on the top right corner of the page.

  • Find your local tide and current from chart panel

Activate the cursor by tapping on the tide icon from the chart panel.


  • Finding your local Tide and Current from Find on the Chat menu
  1. By using the Find option from the menu, you can also search all the available chart items including tide and current on the Find dialog box.
  2. Tap on Chart Items from the Find dialog box above you can see the Chart info page.
  3. Tap on Category to choose the information you are looking for.


Chris Liu is the man behind the Rayglass/Simrad MFD guides. He started work at Navico/Simrad as a technical support engineer eight years ago and he still loves every day on the job. He helps Simrad users who ring or email through the support channels make the most of their devices while out on the water. 

Chris is an NMEA certified technician and has completed networking and marine electronic installer and advanced marine electronic installer courses. This year he’s started helping train Kiwi Navico dealers and technicians and is hoping to start doing the same for dealers in Asia in 2020.

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