Just like any engine, the Mercury outboard on the back of your Rayglass boat needs to be maintained so that it keeps running seamlessly. Luckily, these fantastic machines are built for reliability as well as easy maintenance.

To get you started, these are the basics of caring for your Mercury outboard engine.

Flush your engine

Outboard engines have hundreds of little hoses inside them that get covered in salt water. To make sure these don’t corrode, make sure you thoroughly flush your outboard after every use.

Mercury engine’s make this really easy: simply connect your hose to the outlet in the engine and run the hose for 15 minutes.

Clean your motor cowl

Rayglass boats are renowned for their lustrous, shiny finish. It’d be a shame to have a engine with a dull cowling sitting on the back of yours, so it’s worth taking the time to keep it looking good.

After use, simply wash the cowl with clean, fresh water, a mild detergent and a soft cloth. If you want a really slick finish then, use Mercury cowl finishing compound to buff the surface after cleaning.

Check the oil level

If your engine’s oil has run out, you could be unknowingly damaging it. Make sure you remove the cowl and check the oil level regularly during the season.

Inspect your propellor

Running your engine while your prop is tangled with fishing line can ruin its seals and waterproofing so it’s worth taking it off regularly to check if anything’s caught in it.

Our boat builder now casts his eagle eye over the boat – running through extensive checklists for the engine run-up, freshwater systems, and electronics. When we’re sure that everything’s working as it should be, we get to have a little fun.

While you’re at it, clean any burrs, dents or sharp edges to keep the prop running and looking good.

Check your batteries

There’s nothing worse than launching then discovering you’re unable to start your engine due to a flat or faulty battery. Avoid that embarrassment by regularly checking and maintaining yours – ensuring that the terminals are rust-free and in top condition.

Baking soda paste is great for cleaning terminals and applying a light grease will help protect them. Check battery fluid levels often.

Service regularly

Mercury’s manual recommends servicing your engine every year or every 100 hours of use – whatever comes first.

If your boat’s ready for a checkup, get in touch with our parts and services team, for a comprehensive service carried out by experienced professionals. We even do home visits!

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