The hull is the most important part of any boat. Its design determines a vessel’s ride quality, level of flotation, handling and more.

Rayglass spends several years in research and development before releasing any boat so that we can perfect the all-important hull design. All this time working on the hulls of our Legend and Protector range means that any Rayglass boat offers one the most comfortable and safe rides on the market. Find out why.

Unsinkable hull design

To build some of the safest boats on the water, we designed every model with specialist Rayglass Positive Flotation (RPF) systems, making them virtually unsinkable. This means that if an accident does happen, or if the boat is overloaded for whatever reason, it will remain afloat.

RPF closed cell endurathane is injected into every cavity not used for storage. The RPF is mixed at 1,000 psi and injected under pressure as a heated liquid, expanding to fit the cavity and creating countless closed cell air bubbles in the process. This material bonds to fibreglass, making the boat an ultra-strong one-piece unit.

This distributes flotation evenly throughout the vessel, dispersing millions of air pockets so that even if the hull is breached or overloaded, it should continue to float evenly without rolling to one side

When the system was first developed, we contracted an independent report from Survey Auckland ltd. to test its effectiveness. We flooded the boat with water through a hole where the sterndrive is usually installed, loaded the engine compartment with 500 kg of lead ingots, then piled 15 adults onto the deck. It retained a safe heeling angle and only sank 155 mm below its standard float position.

Smooth ride, even in chop

Another benefit of smart hull design besides safety is a smooth ride. The Rayglass Legend and Protector range has this in spades. 

The RFP foam that is pumped into the air cavities helps absorb sound and vibration when hitting waves in rough seas. This ensures the boat always rides steady and quiet.

Wider than usual turned-down-chines give the boat a wide position in the water so it rides steady, regardless of the conditions. This also helps deflect water, keeping everyone onboard dry. What’s more, fibreglass is the perfect material for delivering a steady, comfortable ride. It’s heavier than other materials so, despite being extremely buoyant, it still cuts through waves easier than other popular materials. 

All of these factors combine to ensure that each vessel in the Rayglass Legend Range is among the safest and most stable boats in the water. Keen to find out more about what makes the Legend range extraordinary? Drop in to our Mt Wellington showroom soon to talk boating.

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