If you’re looking for a manageable boat to go daytripping and fishing in, we reckon it doesn’t get better than the Rayglass Legend 2350.

Regardless of how long you’ve been boating or what type of fish you’re trying to catch, this capable and easy to handle all-rounder could be the vessel for you.

Compact but capable

The Rayglass Legend 2350 isn’t small, but it does come in a much more compact package than the Legend 2500 and the 2800. That makes it a breeze to tow, launch and retrieve, even if you’ve only going out with one other person.

Despite that, the 2350 is the same width (and is based on the same hull design) as the larger 2500 and 2800, making it very stable on the water for a boat of its size. This means that this vessel can easily handle rough seas, game fishing and long day trips. There’s even infill squabs in the cabin of the boat, which make a comfortable double bed if you’d like to anchor and stay overnight.

Diesel engine option included

The 2350 is the smallest Rayglass Legend boat (and boat of its class) with the option for an inbuilt diesel engine. Choosing this option means the engine will be completely hidden, saving you space at the stern of the boat. This is ideal if you need more room on the deck or if you fancy installing optional extras like a barbeque or chilly bin.

The diesel option is also more fuel efficient and better for long-range trips – you’ll get up to 10-12 hours out of the 250 litre tank with normal use.


Smart storage design is absolutely essential on smaller boats in order to make the most of the space available. When we designed the Rayglass Legend 2350 we took that to heart, including more storage than you could ever need, including:

  • A huge underfloor storage space.
  • Storage under the rear-facing cockpit seats.
  • Lockable rod lockers.
  • Optional chilly bin on the back with the diesel model.
  • And much more.

All this storage means the entire cabin and deck of your boat can be clear so that passengers can ride in comfort. This makes fishing, cruising or exploring in the 2350 easy and fun, whether you’re exploring the coast with family or going deep to catch a monster.

Reckon the 2350 is right for you? Drop in to the Rayglass showroom in Mt Wellington to check one out in person soon.

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