We try not to pick favourites among our boats but it’s hard to deny the Rayglass Legend 2500 – our biggest seller. Let’s take a closer look at all the little details that make the 2500 such a great boat to own.

It’s fit for all purposes

The 2500 is a large boat -7.7 metres from bow to stern. That means it’s got generous space on deck and in its cabin, enough to comfortably fit half a dozen on a fishing trip.

It’s also packed with all the overnighting amenities of the 2800 (like a shower, double bed and full galley) making it great for longer trips and overnight stays. The boat’s extra length and wide turned down chines also mean it handles rough seas well, in case you want to go deep and chase bigger fish. There’s standing room throughout the cabin and galley and plenty of glass throughout for excellent visibility. Plus if the kids want to come along on an overnight stay, we offer an optional cabin bunk perfect for little ones.

In a nutshell, this boat can do almost everything. Whether you’re looking for serious fishing, a lake boat, overnight stays, or just family fun – the Rayglass Legend 2500 can handle it.

Two people can easily manage it

Despite the 2500’s size, it’s easy for two people to manage when launching and retrieving. This means you can take the boat out for a spontaneous fishing trip with your better half one day, and take the whole family out for a cruise the next.

Plus the 2500 is deceptively easy to tow, with a weight less than the towing capacity of most new large SUVs and utes.

Standard package has everything you need

The standard Rayglass Legend 2500 comes with everything you need to get out on the water and get stuck in. That includes top of the line electronics, 85l fresh water tank with hot/cold water and a stern shower, live bait tank, fridge/freezer, gas cooker, 300l fuel tank and much more.

If you want something extra, there’s also plenty of room to customise the boat. Some of our most popular optional extras include:

  • An electric trailer winch for ease of retrieval.
  • Removable transom rails.
  • 3-piece transom seats.
  • 70l Icey tek chilly bin.
  • Hardtop spotlight.

What’s more, the 2500 allows you to choose between an inboard diesel motor and an outboard petrol motor. The diesel option is fully built into the transom of the boat with a virtually hidden engine design and an expansive swim platform, giving you extra space at the stern where you can easily fit a barbeque, chilly bin, a couple of extra mates on your weekend fishing trips or all of the above!

We love the Rayglass Legend 2500, but what’s your dream boat? Let us know in the comments or drop in to our Mt Wellington showroom to talk boating.

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