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4 tips for keeping your GRP boat in top condition

The more you care for your Rayglass Legend GRP boat, the longer it’ll stay in top condition. With proper care you could be enjoying it in as-new condition for years, and it’ll hold its value extremely well.

To help keep your pride and joy shining and running like a dream, we’ve put together our top tips for maintaining your boat.

1. Wash and wax as often as possible

The gel coat that covers Rayglass’s GRP boats and gives them their attractive shine isn’t invincible. Like any marine gel coating, prolonged exposure to the sun and the sea can cause it to discolour over time.

Using a gentle wash and wax product will remove salt, sand and grime from the vessel and leave a protective layer, preventing discolouration and preserving the condition of the coating. While we recommend washing and waxing after every use, doing so before you store the boat for extended periods (or weekly during heavy use) should do the trick if you’re busy.

The self-draining, waterproof cabins in Rayglass’s legend boats makes them extremely easy to clean so a quick wash after use shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

2. Chamois stainless steel and glass

Keeping water marks and dried salt off the stainless steel rails, glass and gel coating is as simple as running a chamois over the boat after every wash.
This will help prevent the stainless steel from rusting, as well as ensure good visibility through the cabin for your next trip.

3. Wash your trailer after use

Boat trailers are often neglected, which can shorten their usable life and cause trouble when towing. To prevent rust, simply wash with a hose after every use and consider using a product like Salt-Away. Make sure you thoroughly flush and clean all the boxes, moving parts and joins where salt tends to gather.

It’s also worth greasing and oiling all the moving parts of your trailer regularly, as well as checking tyre pressure often. The ideal pressure will depend on the size of your boat, generally this is between 50-55 PSI, however the recommended pressure will be written on your tyres.

4. Flush your engine regularly

Build ups of salt in your boat’s engine can corrode it from the inside out and block its cooling system. To avoid this and extend the life of your engine, simply flush it with water for 5 to 10 minutes after every use.

It’s also important to remember to service your engine during the first 20 hours of runtime, then once every hundred hours or year (whichever comes first).

Boating is all about having a good time. Care for your gear and you’ll be able to enjoy being out on the water for longer, and your equipment will always work as it should.

For more tips on maintaining your boat, gear and trailer give us a call or drop into the Rayglass showroom in Mt Wellington.

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