The Rayglass Protector 250 Chase is the smallest of the Protector line up but it still provides ample space making it a great option for serious professional users like the NZ Coastguard and the military but it’s also practical and easy to manage for divers, fishermen and weekend explorers.

Practicality meets power

The 7.5 metre long Protector 250 Chase is configured to be rigged up with a single outboard accepting horsepower between 250 to 400hp if you’re going to be navigating rough seas or if you like to push your boat to the limit. 

The ride is grippy and steady even in big chop, thanks to its wide turn-down chines that have the added benefit of reducing spray, keeping passengers dry. In fact, the Protector 250 Chase has the same hull design as the Rayglass Legend 2500, one of New Zealand’s most awarded (and smoothest riding) boats ever, some might say the Protector 250 chase provides an even smoother ride thanks to the inflatable protector tubes which dampen the noise and vibration associated with rough water boating. 

The boat’s impressive capability, smooth ride and spacious deck have made it hugely popular with divers, watersports enthusiasts, fishermen and even for use with superyacht tenders and yacht racing syndicates

Room to move

Our favourite thing about the Rayglass Protector 250 Chase is all the space on its deck. With the centre console there is heaps of extra room to walk around, which is perfect for divers with a lot of gear and fishermen who like to take large groups out. If you’re planning on being out for a while or bringing extra supplies, there’s also plenty of storage under the centre console (and a toilet). The centre console is housed under an oversized bimini to provide protection so that the driver can comfortably navigate if the weather turns. 

Despite all the space on this vessel, it’s still easy to tow. This makes it ideal to use for weekend trips away, even if there’s a few hours of driving involved. 

Don’t take our word for it when it comes to the Protector 250 Chase. Drop into our Mt Wellington showroom or get in touch soon and experience one of these beauties for yourself.