We try not to have favourites among the boats we build – but it’s hard not to love the Rayglass Legend 2800.

This is the largest in our popular Legend series: a boat made for comfortable weekends on the water, long distance cruising and serious fishing. Let’s take a look inside the cabin.

Rayglass Legend 2800

The ideal weekender

To make overnight stays comfortable and roomy, we built the 2800 to be as long and wide as possible while still being legally transportable on the road. It’s a whopping 8.7 metres long and 2.5 metres wide.

The cabin interior is spacious enough to easily sleep 2, and is finished with premium materials to make sure you get a comfortable night’s rest (even if you’re six foot tall and a light sleeper). You also have the option of sleeping 1 more in the cabin with the optional bunk and 2 more in the cockpit with the optional air matress. We’ve also ensured the 2800 is accomodating to longer stays by including:

  • A sperate macerating toilet in the cabin.
  • A generous fridge, 2 hob gas cooker and hot/cold water sink in the galley.
  • And, even a hot and cold freshwater shower on the stern.

Next to the oven, there’s also plenty storage to keep pots, pans, wine glasses and whatever else you may need to make yourself feel at home. This boat’s thoughtful design and generous proportions make it the ideal home-away-from home for couples, families and groups of friends who enjoy spending weekends (or even weeks) on the water at a time.

Rayglass Legend 2800

A capable fisher and cruiser

The 2800 isn’t just for entertaining and overnighting. The huge cabin space and smart storage makes it a capable and easy-to-manage boat for both fishing and cruising.

There’s storage tucked in every nook: under the seats, under bunks, in the transom and even under the floor. For your catch, there’s two large underfloor bins and also a 70l chilly bin on the duckboard which also doubles as a seat and big enough to fit a dozen snapper and a few bags of salt ice. Rods can be tucked neatly into the gunwales or rocket launcher. All the storage options mean that your gear can be hidden away neatly so that you have full use of the boat’s generous cabin space, but can still grab everything you need in a moment.

Despite the 2800’s size, it handles beautifully on the water. It’s considered hull design and longer body allow it to plane quickly even in rough water and mean that it still offers the nimble acceleration and responsive turning of a much smaller boat.

If you’d like to experience the Rayglass 2800 for yourself, get in touch today or drop into our showroom in Mt Wellington soon.