overnight boating auckland

Summer. It’s the season of lazy days on deserted beaches, long afternoons reeling in fish, and nights spent overnighting in your boat’s cabin.

Despite how idyllic waking up on the water usually is, if you’re planning on spending a few nights aboard your boat, sleeping and living comfortably can be a challenge if you’re not prepared. To make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, we’ve put together our five top tips to make overnighting on your Rayglass Legend a breeze.

1. Fit a Snubber Line to your anchor

On windy or rough evenings, anchor chains tend to knock against the bow of most boats, which can be quite loud inside the cabin when you are trying to sleep.

Fitting a snubber line is an easy way to fix this problem so you can sleep easy. This is essentially a piece of nylon rope attached to your bow and anchor rodes that helps take the pressure off the chain to stop it making a irritating knocking noise.

2. Leave the rubbish at home

If you’re spending a couple nights out on the boat, rubbish can start to take up space and begin to smell, which is the last thing you’ll want when you’re trying to relax.

To solve this problem, spend a few minutes before you load up the boat taking food and drink out of its containers and popping them in a salt-ice loaded chilly bin, inside tupperware containers if necessary. Take the plastic and packaging of any new gear before you head out as well so that it doesn’t clutter up your deck while you’re out.

3. Take a boat pack

If you’ve ever forgotten something essential when you go out overnighting on your boat, creating a kit full of everything you need is a great solution. A few things we’d include are:

  • A battery powered vacuum cleaner or brush and dustpan.
  • Spray and wipe and cloths.
  • Dishwashing liquid and dish brush.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Mosquito repellant.
  • Single ply toilet paper.
  • First aid kit.

Before you start packing your kit, think about what you need on the boat, and the items you always forget and make sure to include them.

4. Use your storage well

All Rayglass Legend Series boats have generous deck areas and spacious cabins – but if you’re not storing your gear right, you can run out of space quickly. To stop this from happening, we’ve designed all of our boats to include as much storage as possible, including lockable rod storage in the gunnels, storage under the boat’s seating and in the cabin, and even a bin(s) under the deck.

It’s a good idea to split your gear up according to how you use it. For example, you could pop all your fishing gear in one compartment, beach stuff in another, food in a separate chilly bin and electronics, bedding personal items in the cabin and the galley where they’ll stay dry no matter the weather.

5. Use salt ice rather than fresh ice

If you catch a fish at the start of a long trip and don’t store it correctly there’s a good chance it’ll smell fairly ripe after a day or two, especially in hot weather.

Make sure your catch doesn’t stink up the cabin and keep it fresh for eating by loading up your onboard chilly bin and underfloor storage bin with salt ice before you head out.

For more advice on making your overnight stays more comfortable, get in touch with the team at Rayglass or drop into our Mt Wellington showroom soon.