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What extra features might you need on your boat?

All Rayglass fibreglass boats have everything you need to get out on the water already included. Despite that, we still speak to boatys every day who want to customise their vessels, whether it’s a bigger screen for their GPS, more storage for their catch or something as simple as extra seating for taking family and friends out.

Are you keen to customise your boat? We’ve looked at a few of the most popular added extras to help you decide.

Stern-mounted chilly bin

One of our most popular extras is a simple chilly bin fixed to the back of sterndrive Rayglass Legend models. This blends in nicely with the boats interior, doubling as a seat that can be used when filleting fish or taking extra passengers. It can store salt ice for up to four days, keeping your catch fresh even on long journeys.

LED strip lighting

LED strip lighting fitted under the teak combings in the cockpit and underwater lights make fishing in the evening safer, as well as creating a nice ambience if you’re entertaining on your boat while the sun goes down. The underwater lights don’t just look cool – they’re ideal for attracting bait fish the night before a big fish. Turn them on, catch a few and fill up the live bait tank with them so that you’ve got plenty to use the following day.

Live bait tank

Live bait tanks come standard with both the Rayglass Legend 2800 and 2500, but they’re an optional extra for the 2350 and the 2200. If you’re serious about fishing and want to catch the big stuff, this could be a great addition to your boat.

Cockpit sunshade

Summer days and evenings in New Zealand can be sweltering which can make spending time on your boat a little uncomfortable – particularly if you’re overnighting. Stay out of the sun and keep cool by adding a cockpit sunshade.

Quarter clears

When the wind’s high or the waves are choppy, whoever’s sitting in the two rear-facing cockpit seats of any boat tends to wear a little bit of sea spray. Quarter clears are clear canvas fittings that run from the hard top diagonally down to the gunnels to keep all your passengers dry regardless of the weather.

Chain counter

This little device lets you know how much chain you’ve got out at any time to make anchoring quicker and easier. It’s also ideal for pulling your anchor back in, as it lets you know when the chain is almost finished that you can slow the winch down and avoid dinging the side of the boat with the anchor.

3-piece removable transom seats

If you’re taking family and friends out often or if you need extra storage, the three-piece removable transom seats may be a smart addition. These are completely removable, so when you go out on your own, you can leave them behind for the extra cockpit space.

They also feature plenty of storage under the seats, which helps make sure the cockpit is never cluttered – even when you’re taking out large groups of people.

Rayglass are committed to providing whatever you need to enjoy your boating experience. Whether you’re a past, present or future customer, feel free to get in touch with the Rayglass team to talk about the added features that could improve your boat.

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