Mark Warminger is an Auckland-based boating and fishing enthusiast and family man. He’s owned a fair few boats in his long career on the water, but when we spoke to him recently it sounded like his brand new Rayglass 3500. , Talisman, was his favourite yet.


Why did you choose a Rayglass 3500 over all the possible alternatives?

I have always preferred the style, reliability and build quality of Rayglass boats. They last forever and proper maintenance each year keeps them looking like new. I have owned a Legend 2200, 2500 and 2800, and when I viewed the new 3500 was convinced this was the best boat for me for inshore and offshore fishing. The possibilities are endless—from short overnight trips to longer offshore trips. The comfort of the layout, the full galley, warm, full-sized shower and top-of-the-range electronics. Plus a diesel heater for the colder nights and days makes this boat a dream to live on.

Have you been on any big trips on the 3500? Have you got any stories to tell about your time on the boat?

Talisman’s maiden fishing voyage was out to north of Great Barrier. It was gusting 20 knots and a bit choppy but that was no problem for Talisman. The boat’s twin engines synced together, we set the autopilot and we had plenty of time to watch the view of the sunrise and search for workups. A mate of mine, eagle-eye Eric Wong, spotted the workups and we were soon greeted with several dolphins and whales blowing sea water mist. Within an hour we had a full bin of nice sized snapper. Home for some sashimi and a beautiful snapper dinner thanks to Eric. What a way to start!


What does your ideal boat trip look like? Who do you go out with?

My favourite trip would be to leave Gulf Harbour and stop at Anchorite Rock for some jigging for Kingfish and then hopefully finding some workups on the way to spending the night at Smokehouse Bay, Great Barrier. Early start the next day and fish offshore for tuna, marlin and mahi mahi. Another night at Smokehouse Bay and then a 90 min to 2 hour trip offshore to Great Barrier to fish for some bass and hapuka.

I fish a lot with my friend Eric from Fishing Direct Silverdale as well as my father-in-law. He is well over 6 feet tall and loves the head room of the 3500. My wife also likes to do inshore overnight trips and other friends come fishing when they have free time. This year, we are planning on taking friends and their children on a few trips because of the size and comfort of the boat.


Have you slept overnight on the Rayglass 3500?

I have slept a few times on Talisman over the last month and will be staying on it for a few nights this week. We are also planning a three-day trip next week if the weather window holds.

Sleeping on Talisman is like going from home to home. Lights on, diesel heater keeping the temp warm and stable throughout the night. You can’t beat cooking a nice meal in the spacious galley and sitting down to eat with a glass of wine. It’s fantastic to get away from the distractions of home and leave phones and TV off so that you can actually talk with friends and family and enjoy a special evening. The portside berth is very large and the bed is really comfortable. Great to fall asleep with the gentle motion of the sea.

Now that you’ve owned it for a month or so, what do you think of the boat – what are your favourite things about it?

The best boat I have ever owned and way above my expectations down to every fine detail. The passion and care that went into building this boat down to the finest details like double stitching, the seating materials and colour matching was world class.

My favourite things are: 

  • The beautiful and comfortable layout. 
  • How easy to drive and dock with dual engines. 
  • The autopilot for longer trips and for trolling when game fishing. 
  • Love the diesel heater!
  • Fridge and freezer and warm water all the time from engines, or solar panels or shore power. 
  • Radar for safety, weather watching and searching for workups. 
  • And full wipers with washers helps so much in choppy seas.


Like the sound of Mark’s adventures on his Rayglass 3500? Drop into the Rayglass showroom in Mt Wellington to check out our full range and start making some stories of your own.