Scott Little’s 12-day adventure on his Rayglass Legend 2800

Scott Little’s 12-day adventure on his Rayglass Legend 2800

Scott Little is a boating-mad, Auckland-based family man, who also happens to be Rayglass’s sales director. In the past he’s owned large boats – 35 foot and over – which he used for extended fishing and cruising trips with his wife and kids. 

Scott recently downsized to a Rayglass Legend 2800 because he wanted a vessel that was easy to handle and quick to launch so that he could head out on the spur of the moment. Scott soon found that his new boat was actually an upgrade. 

We had a yarn with him about one of the best summers he’s ever had aboard his 2800 for 12 days and 12 nights with his wife and kids. 

Kawau to Tutukaka

After a few days swimming in secluded bays around Kawau and catching fish for dinner, Scott & Co headed north to Tutukaka and the Hen and Chicken Islands for a fish.

“We went everywhere. It’s easy to do that since the boat only burns about 30 litres of fuel an hour when you’re cruising at 30 knots. We went to Mangawhai, Ngunguru, Whangaruru to check out all the beaches and fishing spots. When we anchored in a bay, we were usually the closest boat in because the hull is so shallow, which meant we always got the best view of the beach from our cabin.”

While Scott was happy to leave the comforts of home for some peace and quiet his cabin mates made the most of the 2800’s power supply.

“We always had music on when we were entertaining or eating dinner on the deck. My wife loved watching movies and TV to relax at night and luckily the battery is big enough to handle it”

Kawau to Bay of Islands

Scott had been sleeping on the boat for a few days but him and his wife were enjoying themselves so much they carried on to the Bay of Islands, where they picked up a few more passengers.

“We spent three nights in the Bay of Islands with our sons and one of their partners sleeping on an airbed in the back of the cabin. It was awesome being able to fit them on the boat and eat dinner on the deck with them, but we had to kick them off when they ate all our food!”

2,000 nautical miles later

When the big trip ended, Scott didn’t slow down. That summer him and his wife spent more time on a boat then he ever had.

“The boat was so comfortable and convenient that we were constantly heading out to the islands in the Gulf, the pubs and restaurants in Russel and the marina in Tutukaka. We explored all around Great Barrier Island and spent days sunbathing and swimming off the beaches. In January and February alone we clocked up over 2,000 nautical miles.”

Scott reckons he used the boat so much for a few simple reasons. One being the flexibility of dry-stacking and the boat’s manageable size.

“When it’s easy you don’t think about it you just go and do it. With the dry stack we just rang them first – an hour’s notice – or we’d have it in the water the day before and just show up. We never worried about the fuel, and we went flat out if we wanted to. It was safe in rough weather and always comfortable – even for 12 days at a time.”

Do you like the sound of a 12-day adventure around Northland and the Bay of Islands this summer? Drop in to our Mt Wellington showroom to chat to Scott in person about his trip, and take a closer look at the boat he did it in.

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